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Chamba - An Uninterrupted Beauty
Chamba - Fast Facts
Location - By the river Ravi, bordering J & K, 52 km north-east of Dalhousie
Area - 6,528
Population - 460,499
Best Time - April to October
STD Code - 01899
Languages - Pahari, Hindi and Himachali
Chamba - Attractions
¤ Laxmi Narayan Temple
¤ Champavati Temple
¤ Vajreshwari Temple
¤ Chamunda Devi Temple
¤ Hari Rai Temple
¤ Akhand Chandi Palace
Himachal Pradesh - Attractions

Chamba is not just the pride possession of the history books but today it has become one of the most visited destinations of India. Because of its uninterrupted ancient heritage and customs Chamba manages to have a unique position of its own in the crowd of the hill stations. It was founded by Raja Verman and is famous for its temples that reflect the unmatched architectural superiority of the Indian sculptures.

See & Do

Laxmi Narayan Temple - This is the main temple of Chamba and was built by Sahil Verman in the 10th century very much reflecting the Shikhara style. There are several other temples within the complex like the temple of Radha Krishna, Shiva temple of Chandragupta and Gauri shankar temple.

Champavati Temple - This temple was built by Raja Sahil Verman in the memory of his daughter. The size of the temple is said to be equivalent to the Laxmi Narayan temple.

Vajreshwari Temple - This is an ancient temple about 1000 years old and is dedicated to Devi Vajreshwari- the goddess of lightning.

Chamunda Devi Temple - This wooden temple has intricately carved pillars, roof and beams and was built by the founder of the town, Raha Sahil Varman.


Hari Rai Temple - This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.It is one of the major old temples and has a fine shikhara.

Akhand Chandi Palace - This palace is also referred to as the Raaj Mahal.

Rang Mahal - This is one of the largest monuments, whose foundations was laid by Raja Umed Singh.

Bhuri Singh Museum - This museum is housed in a boring colonial structure. One can brouse through the dusty collection of miniatures unique to the region, some stone slabs, murals, a silver elephant throne, Chamba rumaals, weapons, a coin collection and documents pertaining to the rules of the kings.


If you have likings for rumaals and chappals then you have landed at the very right place. At the Chaugan Market you can find miniature paintings which can be a great delight to the interior decoration of your home. Amichand Dheema , a miniature painter ha an interesting collection of Chamba, Kangra, Basouli and Rajasthani miniatures. For traditionally wovwn shawls go to the Handicrafts Centre at Rang Mahal. And last but not the least all those who want to add extra punch to the food served here can go for Chukh, a unique mashed chilli pickle, speciality of the region.

Get Adventurous

There is an enormous range and possibilities for adventure activities in Chamba. There is skiing, heliskiing and ice-skating. There is the thrill of paragliding and the test of stamina with mountain-cycling. You can go camping and fishing and play golf or take a safari by car, jeep or on motorcycle. Then there is mountaineering and rock climbing.

Ice Skating - Chamba

Dinning Delight


Climate Speaks.....

The hill station of Chamba experiences a temperate climate with four well defined seasons. The maximum temperature in summer rises till 38 degree C and in winters the temperature can drop down to 0 degree C. However there are many variations in the climate due to the micro-climatic conditions.
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