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Hindustan Times Hindustan Times

Head Office
Hindustan Times House
18 - 20, K G Marg
New Delhi - 110001, India
Tel : +91 11 23361234
Fax : +91 11 23704600

Vice-Chairperson and Editorial Director : Sobhana Bhartia
Advisory Editorial Director : Vir Sanghvi
Editor-in-Chief : Chaitanya Kalbag
CEO HT Media Ltd : Rajiv Verma
Group Editor : Mrinal Pande

Hindustan Times commonly called as "HT"was founded in 1924 by Master Sunder Singh Lyallpuri, the founder-father of the Akali Movement and the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab. Master Sunder Sigh Lyallpuri started the newspaper with contributions from USA, Canada and locals from the Lyallpur District.

HT today has become a leading newspaper in India. Because of the authenticity of its news, the newspaper has become a market leader for English papers in north India. The newspaper has been working non- stop since the Indian independence movement. Prominent faces like Devdas Gandhi and Khushwant Singh have at times edited the paper.

Hindustan Times has proved its nation wide reach in India. Leadership through quality and innovation is the hallmark of the Hindustan Times Limited. The paper issues simultaneous editions from New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna and Kolkata. It is also printed from Bhopal, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Ranchi. HT has also come up with India's first youth daily called as HT Next in 2004. The Mumbai HT edition was launched on 14th July 2005. However, the print location of Jaipur HT was discontinued from June 2006. Recently HT has launched a national business newspaper called Mint, with an agreement with Wall Street Journal to publish Journal branded news and information in India.

Over seven decades the organization has been a major force in the print media. The Hindustan Times Ltd. plans to consolidate itself as a vibrant and modern media powerhouse through strategic partnerships, ever-increasing scope of operations and a consumer focussed approach.

History of Hindustan Times
Mahatma Gandhi performed the inaugural ceremony of the newspaper on September 15, 1924. First issue of the newspaper was published from Naya Bazar, Delhi which carried write-ups of C. F. Andrews, St. Nihal Singh, Maulana Mohammad Ali, Dr. C. R. Reddy, T. L. Vaswani, Ruchi Ram Sahni, Bernard Haton, Harinder Nath Chattopadhyaya, Dr Kichlu, Rubi Waston and many other prominent writers of that time.

Master Sunder Singh Lyallpuri was the Managing Chairman and Chief Patron of the newspaper himself. K. M. Panikkar was the first Editor of the newspaper, while Devdas Gandhi (son of Mahatma Gandhi) was also on the panel of editor.S. Chanchal Singh (Jandiala, Jullundur) and S Mangal Singh Gill (Tesildar) were appointed as in charge of the newspaper. Pandit Madan Mohan Malayia and Master Tara Singh were some of the prominent members of the Managing Committee.

Ownership of Hindustan Times
Owned by HT Media Ltd., Hindustan Times is part of the India's famous KK Birla group and currently managed by Shobhana Bhartia, granddaughter of GD Birla. At present the KK Birla group owns 69 per cent stake in HT Media Ltd, currently valued at Rs 834 crore. Shobana Bhartia joined Hindustan Times in the year 1986. At the time of joining HT, she was the first woman chief executive of a national newspaper.

Popular Columnist of Hindustan Times
Hindustan Times Supplements
HT Brunch : HT Brunch is a 28 page magazine containing stories and snippets from lifestyle to travel. It comes every Sunday.

HT Power jobs : This supplement is dedicated to careers with information on everything from job listings to career counseling. It comes every Tuesday.

HT Premiere : HT Premiere comes every Thursday containing items on entertainment covering Hollywood and Bollywood.

HT Horizon : A career related supplement, HT Horizon comes every Wednesday.

HT Estates : HT Estates contains real estate and property related features and cirulated on Saturdays.

HT Mumbai Edition : Launched on 14th July 2005, HT Mumbai is one of the leading newspapers of the city. The Mumbai HT is managed by Mohit Ahuja, an alumnus of NMIMS, Mumbai. HT Mumbai comprises of 22 - 24 pages and carries other supplements everyday. The Mumbai edition carries a lifestyle supplement called HT Cafe (32 pages in tabloid format). Circulated six days a week, HT Cafe devotes 8 pages to subjects like automobiles, travel, health, comics, gizmos and weekend. On Wednesdays, HT Mumbai has an education supplement called HT Horizons. HT Mumbai also carries high-life and luxury supplement called Splurge and a Real Estates section called HT Estates once in a week. On Sundays, the paper comes with a free magazine called Brunch.

HT Delhi Edition : Delhi's leading newspaper, HT Delhi Edition usually contains 22 - 24 pages main newspaper including a daily lifestyle called HT City and other supplements on weekdays. On Fridays a special Weekend edition of HT City is circulated called HT City WE. On Tuesday HT Delhi carries a jobs supplement called 'Power Jobs' and an education supplement on Wednesdays. Real Estates section called HT Estates and Luxury supplement called HT Splurge are circulated on Saturdays. Every Sunday HT Delhi carries a special magazine called Brunch, which carries articles on lifestyle, entertainment, food, travel, fashion, health etc.

HT Lucknow, Patna and Chandigarh Editions : Lucknow, Patna and Chandigarh Editions of HT contain only the main newspaper carrying only one or two supplements weekly. On Sundays, these editions have a special four to eight pages Sunday Magazine. All these editions focusses more on state based news and happenings.

HT Sister Publications
Mint- An English Business Daily

Hindustan - A Hindi Daily published from Delhi, Lucknow and Patna.

Nandan - Monthly Children's magazine

Kadambani - Monthly literary magazine

HT Circulation
Based on the readership survey of 14.49 million readers, HT has a combined circulation of 2.25 million copies everyday including Hindustan Times (English) and Hindustan (Hindi). Due to huge circulation, HT enjoys strong brand recognition among readers and advertisers as well.

Awards and Recognitions
Over the years Hindustan Times has won several national awards and earned certificates of recognitions. Hindustan Times has a good track record at the IFRA and has won several awards this year as well.

HT Group in Electornic Media
HT Media Ltd has ventured into electronic media through its subsidiary HT Music and Entertainment Company Ltd.. The company has entered into the FM radio market in major Indian cities through a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio. The radio channel, Fever 104 is currently available in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

HT Events
HT Media group annually organises a Luxury Conference and also a Leadership Summit in Delhi. The Luxury conference had been attended by featured speakers like designer Diane Von Furstenberg, shoemaker Christian Louboutin, Gucci CEO Robert Polet and Cartier MD Patrick Normand. While in Leadership Summit, prominent leaders of the country and foreign countries participate.

HT Media Ltd Annual Revenue
In 2007 HT Media group reported annual revenue of $245 million. For the fiscal third quarter ended December 31, 2007, the media group reported a 13% increase in revenue to $82 million and a 10% increase of profit after tax (PAT) to $9 million from the year-ago quarter.

Hindustan Times in Internet
HT's Internet business, under the portal, is primarily a news website with 2 million unique visitors and 100 million page views per month, with a significant number of visitors coming from outside India. Hindustan Times has a number of online issues which are as follows: - Online edition of Hindustan Times - Epaper - Digital Replica of the newspaper - Online edition of Hindustan - HT Classifieds - Online edition of HT Next - Fever Radio Channel - Mint
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